Our Product and health

Many studies have found and proven that beans provide many health benefits in lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of coronary disease and heart attacks.They contain virtually no fat, they are rich in protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates and are great for keeping a healthy digestion system. They are full of vitamin B which is good for the blood flow and can help keep arteries healthy and clear. They help development during pregnancy and infancy, and reduce the risks of premature birth or birth defects.
They have also been found to be helpful in the fight against cancer because of their antioxidants. Beans are particularly good for people with hypoglycemia, diabetes and insulin resistance, or for those that need a gluten free diet.

Our Product and the Environment

The planting and growing of legumes, beans, and peas leaves a very low carbon footprint on the environment compared to other crops or foods. They are low in greenhouse gas emission and they require a low amount of water and energy.They need about half the fossil energy that goes into the production of other crops. Because of the unique way they deal with nitrogen during growth, they have been found to be extremely beneficial to long term land fertility and in the reduction of C02 emissions. At a time when the long term condition of the world is being heavily debated among people, politicians and businesses, legumes have long since proved to be a healthy option for the planet and for you.