Primore SRL was established under its current corporate name in 1998. Nowadays the corporation is owned and managed by the Reynier family.

Since the beginning, the main objective has been to be actively involved in the trading-export business of pulses & popcorn.

For almost two decades due to our widely acknowledged reliability in supply and delivery commitments, we have been growing steadily volume-wise in the international markets. We have been ranked among the top five exporters of beans with an annual volume exceeding the 18,000 tons.

Besides the foreign markets, recently Primore also started to supply successfully the Argentinian domestic market with imported and local production.

We have several agreements with selected Argentinian suppliers and our processing plants for cleaning, classification and packing have a very high level of quality control thanks to the modern equipment.  

Primore’s commitment to offer the best trading services with a competitive price, had led us to establish a long relationship with our customers and suppliers over the years.